Who Does JC REInvestment Group Help ?

Who Does JC REInvestment Group Help ?

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JC REInvestment Group helps local Florida Home Owners, sell their homes fast and for a fair price. If you would like to sell your home without paying thousands of dollars to a realtor and without paying closing costs, then we may be just who you are looking for!


Why Have Hundreds of Local Florida Homeowners Sold Their Homes to Us?

  • We Have a Great Team That Holds Your Hand Every Step of the Way.
  • The Process is Simple & Easy.
  • We’ve Closed Many Transactions in Florida.
  • We Can Pay CASH ADVANCE Before Closing.

And that’s not it…

  • We can Close Very FAST or on the date of your choice.
  • We buy All Types of Properties in any Area, Price Range & in “As-Is”
  • We can help with Any SituationProbate & Inheritance, Foreclosure, Damaged Homes, Liens, Code Violations, Open Permits, Title Problems and MUCH More.
  • We specialize in Buying Inherited Properties & can pay for Probate if needed.
  • We can Help You Relocate and pay for your moving costs.

While some of our clients just want to sell their house fast without the hassle of dealing with Realtors, showing their house many times before it’s sold, and having the uncertainty of when the house will be sold and for what price, most of our clients contact us for the following reasons:


Damaged Homes

Many of the properties that we buy need repairs. Some need very little to none while others require a great deal of work, where we have to strip everything down to the studs and basically re-build the house. If your house needs repairs and you do not wish to spend the time and/or money to take care of fixing it up, then we may be just who you are looking for!
Learn more about how we help with Damaged Homes


Avoid Foreclosure

As foreclosure rates hit record levels, we are seeing more and more good people in this situation. Whether you are facing a Bank Foreclosure or Tax Foreclosure, we are able to help you by either buying your house fast, negotiating a short sale on your behalf, or assuming your loan. Each situation is unique in itself and requires a different approach. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your situation.
Learn more about how we can help with Foreclosures

buying inherited properties in Florida

Inherited / Probate Houses

We have been buying inherited properties in Florida for many years. Some properties need to go thru Probate and some don’t. If you inherited a property and Probate needs to be done, we can handle and pay for the Probate. We have dedicated Probate Attorneys that work with us to get our Probate files done faster, properly and for the lowest possible price. This means we can buy your house fast and pay you more for it.
Learn more about how we can help with Inherited / Probate Houses


Liens / Violations

Some of the properties we buy have code violations, open or expired permits, city liens + fines, water liens, unsafe structure violations, demolition orders and other title problems. While these issues scare away inexperienced investors and regular home buyers, we have a lot of experience buying these types of properties and these issues pose no problem for us. We’ve bought properties with over $1M in fines and violations.
Learn more about how we can help with Liens / Violations


Creative Solutions

While most properties we buy fit into one of the above criteria, many don’t. Between our team and we have many years of combined real estate experience in the Florida market. Making some deals work, requires creative thinking and solution finding. You can be confident that whatever your situation may be, we can help and guide you thru it.
Learn more about how we can help with Creative Solutions


No matter what condition your house is in; no matter what situation or time frame you’re facing…

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.
SELLING FAST: A Guide To Quickly Getting Rid of Unwanted Property.
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