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You need to sell your house. You look at your house and think “why can’t I sell it myself?” For many years people thought that selling their house is something that can be done only by using a realtor. But now, with the development of the internet, this presumption is ever changing. Some websites are dedicated entirely for For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) transactions. And the internet is widely used by all groups of ages, races, and genders. So is it really the best way? To answer this question we have to look at the pros and cons of going with an FSBO transaction.

SELLING FAST: A Guide To Quickly Getting Rid of Unwanted Property.

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Selling a House by Yourself Can Save a Lot of Money,

if you do it right

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Our mission is to alleviate the burden of distressed properties from the hands of homeowners. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a cash offer for your property but also have the ability to close quickly. We will get you a fair purchase price that requires no appraisals, no inspections, no repairs, and no fees or commissions. We buy all types of properties in any conditions or situations. Are you looking to sell your house? Let us help!
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Inherited House


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Avoid Forclosure

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Damaged Property

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Tax Liens

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Avoid Real Estate Agent

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Are you thinking of selling a property in South Florida and the surrounding areas but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; JC REInvestment Group is here to help you protect your interest and see your dreams come true!


We know that selling a property is more than just a simple transaction, and it is the biggest investment of everyone’s life and a life-changing experience. So that’s why we are dedicated to providing outstanding, personalized services for all of our clients. We always commit to assisting you in making informed decisions by getting the most out of current market opportunities and trends. 


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Whether you want to get free home values in Florida or market your home effectively to generate the maximum level of interest, you need to make sure you have got an expert by your side to ensure you get the highest return on your investment. Let us be your one-stop real estate investment firm, so we can streamline the process and help you accomplish your goals and dreams! We want to buy your home - Let us give you a FAIR ALL CASH offer NOW, close at a date and time convenient for you.

SELLING FAST: A Guide To Quickly Getting Rid of Unwanted Property

We Are A Real Estate Investing Company

Our company buys, sells, and rents homes. We will not be acting as your real estate agent or broker if we buy your house, sell you a house, or rent you a home. We are excited to potentially work with you directly OR if you are represented by an agent or broker. We are focused on improving neighborhoods and redeveloping areas that we work in.

JCREIG "Your Florida Home Buyer®" FSBO Quick Guide


If you decided you want to go ahead and sell your house by yourself, you will find below a quick guide to help you through the process.

sell your house fast for cash
First of all, you need to think like a salesperson! The best thing to do when you want to sell your house is to detach your feelings from the property. Yes, it is not easy and we know you have a lot of memories and reasons to think your house is the best in the neighborhood, yet you have to look at your house as a property and not as a home.


Step 1: research and pricing!

Do some research. You have to find out how much people have been willing to pay for homes in your area in the previous year. Take into consideration that the most recent sales matter more than than the oldest ones. We recommend to look 3 months back and if there is not enough data you can look back 6 months. Remember that every property is different and you’d have to analyze and ask yourself if your house is superior or inferior to the house you are comparing with. You have to look at properties with the approximate similarity of square footage and the exact number of bathrooms and bedrooms.


We recommend that you get help from a title company and/or real estate attorney with the handling of closing. You can get involved by inspecting the paperwork. The title company or real estate attorney can help you tremendously with selling your house since they know all about the right paperwork and disclosures needed for the transaction.


Price your home at the right price and remember buyers don’t like to negotiate just as much as you don’t. So if a similar house in your neighborhood sold for $250,000 you can price yours for a little less. For example: ask for $240,000 for your house and by doing so you can attract buyers faster since they are also looking at the same comparable properties. This way you can close the deal faster and with more money in your hands then your neighbor who had to pay a 6% commission to the buyer and seller’s agents.


Step 2: Marketing!

Start by “word to mouth”. You have to get out of the comfort zone and contact everybody you know, family, friends, co-workers, etc. Chances are if you contact enough people somebody will know someone who’s looking to buy a house in your area!


There are tons of ways to advertise your property. You can start by posting an ad on Craigslist but beware of agents reading these ad’s they can often harass you to list your house with them. If you go that way it is very important to register your phone number with the “Do not call registry”. Another great way is FSBO websites, post your ad with high-quality pictures and provide accurate information about your property and the area it is located at.


The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a great way to advertise your property. The problem is that you are not able to get access to the MLS unless you are being represented by a real estate agent. With that being said For Sale By Owner websites can help you to have your property listed on the MLS in exchange for 3% of the sale price; it’s still better than paying 6% when taking the traditional route.


Step 3: sell your house!

Dress to impress; organize all the paperwork in a nice folder and be on time for all of your appointments. Buyers don’t expect you to be a knowledgeable realtor. But they do want to feel that they are dealing with someone who knows what he\she is doing.


Contact mortgage brokers they have what you need! And that is pre-qualified buyers! They want to help you because as soon as you sell your house they will get paid; tell them about your property and ask them to refer their pre-qualified buyers at your direction; nowadays it’s not easy to get a mortgage, and pre-qualified buyers are considered serious.


Negotiations, at this point you need to remember that you are selling a house and not your home; ignore your emotions. Don’t be upset and reject law ball offers, think rationally and make a counter offer- you have nothing to lose.



If you don’t have time for all that, and you need to sell your house fast, the best solution we can offer is to contact a local home cash buyer.
We at JCREIG "Your Florida Home Buyer®" specialize in buying homes for cash.
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Home Selling Made Simple & Hassle Free - No Repairs, No Cleaning, No Commissions!

Receive a FREE and FAIR Cash Offer From a Qualified Local Investor